The Osoбняк Clubhouse is a new small apartment residential house located in downtown Jurmala, 150 meters away from the seashore. The clubhouse is built with preservation of historical architecture of old Jurmala and is notable for its well-considered infrastructure and organization of special living conditions.



The Osoбняк Clubhouse is notable for its architectural solutions and special features of improvement of its internal territory. The clubhouse meets all the modern standards of quality and equipment of houses for narrow circles of residents.

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The Osoбняк Clubhouse is located in downtown Jurmala, at the Majori station, 150 meters away from the seashore and one quarter away from the Jomas central pedestrian street. The house location is unique. It is in the narrowest place of Jurmala, where the Lielupe river is seen on the one side and the waters of the Gulf of Riga – on the other side. All the components of the municipal infrastructure required for comfortable living (shops, restaurants, sports centers and SPA complexes) are located near the Clubhouse.


The Osoбняк Clubhouse was created on the basis of a vintage wooden building supposedly built in 1912. The house is conventionally divided into two parts: the historic one built at the place of the previous building and the new one. All the vintage elements of the façade (the triangular roof, the wooden paneling with carved patterns and the window frame shapes) were restored in the architecture of the historic part of the house. The new part of the Clubhouse is designed in the same architectural style, but in its modern interpretation. Both parts of the Clubhouse harmonically complement each other and create the new architectural concept of construction with respect to history and cultural traditions of this place for the first time in Jurmala.


The Osoбняк Clubhouse is located in the dune area. The natural landscape of the dune was carefully restored. Decorative bushes and trees were planted in the courtyard. The external heterogeneity and diversity of the Osoбняк Clubhouse territory make every apartment of the house unique only due to the various view characteristics.

Internal structure

The Osoбняк Clubhouse has 3 residential floors, on which 25 apartments are located. The following is available at the house: the ground and underground parking lots, common places for pastime of the residents, technical premises for storage of the residents’ property out of their apartments (common wheelchair rooms and individual item storages) and ground and underground bicycle parking spaces for summer and winter periods. The distinctive feature of the Osoбняк Clubhouse is an open summer terrace on the roof for the joint leisure of all the house residents.



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The Osoбняк Clubhouse is the only project of Jurmala offering the full complex of advanced services to its residents

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Complete servicing

The Osoбняк Clubhouse is notable for its well-considered common infrastructure. For your convenience, special common premises (wheelchair rooms) are available on each floor, where you can store various street equipment, keeping which at the apartments is impractical (baby prams, beach items, etc.). Individual item storages are created in the basement, which are also for storing personal property of residents.
The territory of the Clubhouse is equipped with bicycle parking spaces. The basement floor has a special blocks for storing bicycles in winter.

After the commissioning, the Osoбняк Clubhouse will not be transferred to the housing department of a third company, which may negatively influence the quality of servicing and observing all the set standards. Daily wet cleaning of internal premises and taking care of the external territory will be ensured at the Clubhouse. Live security during nighttime will be ensured.

Apart from ensuring technical operation, our company will ensure the resolution of all the private issues related to arrangement and residing at the Osoбняк Clubhouse, such as interior design development and decoration of your apartment, cleaning, washing and ironing, taking care of pets and organization of children’s leisure.




Since the beginning of living at the Osoбняк Clubhouse you become the member of the club of the residents, which will allow you to use additional services and preferences, as well as to get special conditions of organization of pastime at the Clubhouse itself and at other locations of Jurmala and Latvia

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Club of the house residents

Club infrastructure

In the Osoбняк Clubhouse special places for common pastime of the house residents and their guests are created. The recreation area with soft armchairs, a mini bar and its own terrace is created on the 1st floor.
A real highlight of the Clubhouse is an open summer terrace on the roof, from which gorgeous views of the sea and the river open.
A separate place for working with documents containing the required office equipment is present at the hall of the Clubhouse.
You will also have a chance to attend one of the best fitness halls of Jurmala, which is located at Marienbādes Nams, the neighboring project implemented earlier by our team.

Concierge service

All the residents of the Osoбняк Clubhouse have access to exclusive services of the VIP service created within the framework of another project implemented by our team in Jurmala, which is the Jūrmalas Vilnis Holiday Home. Without any additional payment we will organize the resolution of all services related to the stay in Jurmala and Lithuania, starting with calling a taxi and ending with submitting the request for receiving the temporary residence permit.

Club card

The personal card of the resident of the Osoбняк Clubhouse will provide you an opportunity to get discounts, bonuses and other preferences at the best restaurants, hotels, SPA and sports centers of Jurmala, Riga and other cities of Latvia.




Service of organization of temporary residence at specifically equipped apartments is offered at the Osoбняк Clubhouse. All the apartments prepared for living are marked on the floor plans at the Apartments page.

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Apartment leasing

Interior and equipment

Accommodation at apartments with complete equipment and furnishing according to the developed design project is offered at the Osoбняк Clubhouse. Stylistically, the interior of the apartment corresponds to the part of the Clubhouse where it is located.

All the apartments are equipped with required kitchen and household appliances. Each apartment has a set of bed linen and accessories, dishes and cutlery.


The package of the offer of residing at The Osoбняк Clubhouse apartments also includes the following:

  • Using the common premises and areas specifically designed for common pastime of the residents and visitors of the Clubhouse (the hall and the closed terrace on the 1st floor and the open terrace on the roof);
  • Apartment cleaning once per week;
  • Changing bed linen and towels once per week;
  • Concierge service;
  • Club card with discounts and other preferences as for the members of the club of the house residents


You may use the following contact data regarding all the issues of residing at the apartments of the Osoбняк Clubhouse: e-mail: osobnyak@bfa.lv, contact telephone: +371 27797779




Contact telephone +371 27797779, e-mail osobnyak@bfa.lv, office address - 4 Ērgļu str., Majori, Jurmala.

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Contacts and useful information

To get more detailed information on the Osoбняк Clubhouse project, you may contact us directly, using the following contact data: telephone: +371 27797779, e-mail: osobnyak@bfa.lv

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